Melbourne protests against COVID-19 law

Australia is standing up against tyranny and dictators

by admin

In the beautiful city of Melbourne (Victoria), many have concerns about a new COVID-19 law. This controversial law gives authorities way too mauch power, according to lawyers. For example, there is no end date to the law and he gives the prime minister the power to declare a pandemic and take whatever measures he deems necessary.

Violators of this new law face a fine of up to 90,000 AUS Dollars or, in case your broke, a prison sentence of up to two years.

The bill has already been approved by the House of Commons and the Senate will vote on it this week.

There are large demonstrations in Melbourne almost every week. Last Saturday many tens of thousands of people, including children and the elderly, too to the streets to protest against the vaccination obligation and the new COVID-19 law.

Member of Parliament Craig Kelly also took part in the protest. On social media he wrote that the demonstration was aimed “Against tyranny, against dictators, against human rights abusers and against those who oppress us”

The lockdown in Melbourne came to an end last month. The city’s five million residents have spent 262 days in lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic.. No other city in the world has been in lockdown for so long.

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