How do you get overweight?

by admin

All our food, from potatoes to pork, exists of macronutrients, micronutrients and water. Macronutrients (protien, carbohydrates and fat) are the only nutrients that provide us with energy to stay alive. Although all of these macronutrients are needed for your body to function normally, they each have a different effect on your metabolism.

Protien and fats make you thinner, an excess of carbohydrates makes you fat

Don’t be surprised! It’s not the fat that makes you overweight, it’s the sugar!

What happens with carbohydrates?

All carbohydrates are broken down to glucose. Glucose is a simple form of sugar, that raises the bloodsugar level in your body immediatly. When your bloodsugar level is raised, your pancreas creates the hormone insuline. By doing this, your body can absord more glucose from your blood. This glucose is stored in your liver, muscle tissue or as fat cells.

Your body is only capable of processing small amounts of carbohydrates. As soon as the liver and muscle tissue is saturated (which it usually is with normal people), glucose will be stored as fat.