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Mike Granata: ‘Don’t get the shot unless your willing to suffer and die’

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Moderna adverse reaction

56-year old Mike Granata, United States California, was hestitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine. His doctor convinced him to get the jab. On August 17 2021, Mike was given the Moderna vaccine and three days later he became ill. He was diagnosed with multisystem inflammatory syndrome and multisystem organ failure. He never recovered from this, because doctors couldn’t do anything.

Promise to nurses and staff

Granata passed away on November 1, 2021. He promised the nurses and staff that he ‘would get the message out’, because the truth about vaccine adverse reactions and vaccine deaths is being obscured.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mike’s loved ones. I hope this is a meaningfull contribution to spreading the word about vaccine adverse reactions and vaccin deaths.

The fact remains that as we speak millions, or billions of people are being vaccinated against COVID-19. Every vaccination in modern history has had serious adverse reactions or even fatalities. Medical professionals have always been open and honest about the fact that these reactions can occur. With the COVID-19 vaccines however, medical professionals who want to be honest, are silenced. The CDC (and organisations like the CDC) are obscuring these adverse reactions, while politicians (who are NOT medical professionals) keep telling us it’s safe. The benefits of taking the vaccine outweigh the risks.

Mike Granata’s obituary can be found here

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