This Is DNCNN: ‘Breaking the News’ Reveals Deep Ties Between CNN, Democrat Power Players

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Source: This Is DNCNN: ‘Breaking the News’ Reveals Deep Ties Between CNN, Democrat Power Players

According to NBC News and other sources, President Joe Biden is expected to appoint Tom Nides ambassador to Israel. Nides’ wife, Virginia Moseley, is Senior Vice President of Newsgathering at CNN.

There appears to be overlap between Moseley’s work and her husband’s. WikiLeaks released an email from 2015 showing Nides tipping off Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta to a favorable CNN poll that was soon to be released.

Currently an executive at Morgan Stanley, Nides served as deputy secretary of state under Hillary Clinton. He was a top bundler for Biden’s 2020 campaign and is on the advisory board of the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware.

Nides wouldn’t be the only Biden official in bed with a major player at CNN. Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s deputy press secretary, is married to CNN national correspondent and anchor Suzanne Malveaux. During the Obama administration, Malveaux was assigned to cover the White House, where Jean-Pierre worked in the Office of Political Affairs.

The latest conflict is par for the course at CNN. Last week, the Washington Post reported that CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), advised the governor’s office on their response to sexual assault allegations against the elder Cuomo.

In 2013, CNN president Jeff Zucker let his then-fifteen-year-old son Andrew join Democrat Sen. Cory Booker’s Internet start-up as a “millennial adviser.” The younger Zucker was even given stock, before quickly resigning amid media scrutiny.

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