Wisconsin to Liquefy the Dead, flush into Sewers, Then Spray the Sludge on Food Farms

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Source: Wisconsin to Liquefy the Dead, flush into Sewers, Then Spray the Sludge on Food Farms

The Wisconsin senate has approved a bill in the last week allowing dead bodies to be dissolved in a chemical bath and disposed like sewage, then spread all over food crops as “biosludge.”

Senate Bill 228 authorises a practice called “alkaline hydrolysis” that liquifies corpses through “water cremation” using a mixture of water, heat, and chemical agents, leaving only bones behind. The liquid is then dumped into the sewage system or boiled off, where the bones are then crushed and deposited into an urn.

The bill was passed without debate by the Republican-led Senate, despite objections from the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin, who say that this process is disrespectful to the dead.

Kim Vercauteren, executive director of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, wrote to the Senate health committee: “Catholic teaching is centred on the life and dignity of the human person because each person is created in the image and likeness of God.

“The heart, mind, flesh, and bones of a human person are all elements of a unique creation, down to the DNA, which must be honoured even after death.

“Our concern is that with alkaline hydrolysis, remains are washed into a wastewater system as though the body created by God never existed, wastewater does not honour the sacredness of the body, nor does it allow the grieving to honour the dead after disposition.”

Sen. Patrick, R-Stevens Point, who sponsored SB 228, supported the measure as a means to promote “consumer choice.” At a hearing for the bill, he said: “Wisconsin funeral directors are receiving more and more requests for flameless or water cremation.

“I believe in allowing consumers choices. And if a consumer chooses flameless cremation, I would like to empower Wisconsin funeral directors the means to fulfill that choice.”

Other Catholic leaders have spoken against the bill, with the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops likening the practice to “dumping aborted babies down drains.”

“We must treat the remains of all human beings, no matter how long they lived or how they died, with dignity, charity, and respect. Chemical digestion of the human body fails to follow this simple principle.”

Despite strong opposition from clergymen across the United States, around 20 states have approved alkaline hydrolysis in recent years.

According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the practice involves a pressurised vat that typically can hold around 100 gallons of liquid. Deceased human bodies placed into the chamber can be heated up to 302 degrees and bathed in lye, an industrial chemical used as drain cleaner, to induce rapid decomposition.

Those who support “water cremations” claim that it is “greener” than traditional cremation, with fewer carbon emissions. It would be of no surprise to hear that these “green” bills would be supported by proponents of the Great Reset agenda…

Biosludge has been reported in the media as a green alternative to fertiliser, labelled (for example) as Nutri-Green when in reality it is a toxic sludge made up of chemicals, wastewater, and dead bodies.

The use of treated sewage sludge (also known as “biosolids”) has been widespread in the United States ever since a 1993 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruling authorized the spreading of biosludge on farms, school playgrounds, vegetable gardens, parks, and forests.

The EPA’s “503 rule” allows “the spreading, spraying, injection, or incorporation of sewage sludge” to the land, including areas where children play and where food is grown, despite the fact that biosludge contains high concentrations of heavy metals, a range of mutagenic and neurotoxic chemicals, drug residues and a host of other toxins classified as “primary pollutants” by the EPA itself.

The EPA claims that the practice of spraying sewage and dead bodies over crops is a form of “recycling” and is completely safe. According to Dr. David Lewis, a former senior-level research microbiologist at EPA-ORD, turned whistle-blower, the biosludge is anything but safe.

However, When Dr. Lewis spoke out about his concerns he was swiftly terminated by the agency and charged with “scientific misconduct.”

According to Dr. Lewis, the EPA faked the safety data on biosolids and has managed to avoid trouble by targeting those who speak out and treating them like criminals.

In a 1993 deposition, Alan Rubin, the chief author of the EPA’s 503 sludge rule and former career EPA Office of Water chemist, termed “sludge magic” – an explanation of how biosludge magically avoids being toxic: “Sludge magic’ [means] there are unique properties in the biosolids matrix that sequester metals, that sequester organics.

“By sequester, I mean significantly reduce the mobility to move from the biosolids out to the environment, and the matrix is really complex, and has organic material in it, organic pollutants.

The processes, some of them are understood, some of them are not that well understood, but the whole thing taken together is called magic. So, I coined the term magic.”

Despite dressing up the wordage and sprinkling a little magic on the matter, you can’t polish a turd. Especially when the turd is full of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical waste, and decomposing bodies. It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that these same practices are taking place within the UK borders and has been swept under the carpet by the media who turn a blind eye and continue to stir the bubbling Covid cauldron of fear and despair.

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